The SAWA, established in April 1, 2003, is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting lumberjack sports in the South Eastern United States. Sporting event poster below. General sponsor Pickett Farm Supply.

SAWA lumberjack series

SAWA event flyer

For those who are new to lumberjack sporting, below is a video to gain a general understanding of what will happen at the event

Car repair show and competition

This year our festival will feature an additional show. It’s going to be a car exterior repair show where our guest from Phoenix will demonstrate his superior skills in paintless dent repair technique that removes dents and dings of all sizes from the car’s body panels. We will also host an appraising mechanic competition during which participants will have to diagnose a car’s issue and resolve it as soon as possible with a restricted budget.

Paintless dent repair by Dent Removal Phoenix

First, about the auto body repair show. Chuck Garrick is the founder and leader behind – a paintless dent repair company working with all major vehicle brands and serving customers across the whole Phoenix and Scottsdale area in the Arizona state. Dent Removal Phoenix has been in the business for many years and have successfully concluded more than 1,000 different projects, including visual repairs of not only cars but also various water and air transport units. Chuck and his employees have helped their customers to remove hundreds of thousands of dings, hail damage and other types of dents. Their expertise has been recognized beyond the borders of Phoenix, Scottsdale or any other USA state or city; they have also worked with international contracts in European countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany. But what is the most important – they will be here at the Sierre Hull Festival to entertain you! And perhaps you will be able to learn something new, too.

The exterior repair show will feature 3 premium class cars. Brand new autos provided by our sponsor – local vehicle dealer. During the show Chuck and his assistant will use baseball bats to leave various imprints on the car body panels to replicate damage anyone can accidentally get. For instance, you have parked your vehicle beneath the sky full of hypnotizing stars, when suddenly a hail storm strikes. Huge hail grains leave numerous small dents on the hood and roof. Or imagine you have parked outside a shopping mall, come back and see that someone has left marks on your cars door. Extremely unpleasant feeling…

What’s next? Once the cars have received the damaging blows, they will repair all of the damage right in front of the eyes of the audience. And it all will be done without a single droplet of paint. Paintless dent repair is carried out basically with no materials, just a set of paintless dent repair tools – various size and shape instruments that aid technicians to reach out any defected body panel and return it back to the original factory condition. All of the magic lays with the specialist’s skills, so you’ll have to watch closely!

Best Mech Competition

Once boys from the Phoenix paintless dent repair company will finish their dent removal performance, green light will be given to the apprising mechanic competition. Applicants will have to diagnose various problems on used American build cars and fix it as fast as possible. It is planned that the issues will not be time consuming to mend, but will require good technical knowledge, sharp mind and a bit of imagination.

All in all we expect this to be a thrilling addition to our annual festival. Don’t miss out on the paintless dent repair demonstrations from Phoenix paintless dent removal company and stop by for the local mechanics competition for the title of Best Mech.



12:30PM Gates Open

       “Cruisers can come at any time during the event. Designated parking for cruisers will be available at all times.

homes for our troops logo_version2

Each Cruiser will be asked to give a $10 minimum donation in addition to admission.  The soul purpose for the Cruise-In is to raise money for “Homes For Our Troops” and for cruisers to come and have a good time at our event doing so!!!!!!!!!!!

*Homes For Our Troops currently has two homes being built for severely injured troops in Tennessee!!!

*Their Mission:

Homes For Our Troops is strongly committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home with serious injuries since September 11, 2001.  It is our duty and honor to assist severely injured veterans and their immediate families by raising donations of money and coordinating the process of building a specially adapted home that provides maximum freedom of movement and the ability to live more independently.

Company Overview: We are Home for Our Troops, a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004.  We have built and donated more than 120 specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans at NO COST to them.  Thanks to a support community of building partners and professional tradespeople, we continually have approximately 30 homes in various stages of construction across the United States per year.

Make a weekend out of it!!



Featuring EmCee, Country John B. Mullinix of Jamestown, TN and JBM Sound of Nashville


Saturday Activities & Concert $8
Children 12 and under FREE


Arts, Crafts and Food Booth Vendors: 931-319-5171

5K Run

Sierra Hull Festival Run/Walk Pre-registration ends on October 1st at 4:00 PM. Pre-registration guarantees a T-shirt and a festival armband. You can pre-register at Byrdstown Town Hall Monday thru Friday.

dozens of runners

Course Certified by Road Runners Club of America!
(Records will count after verification.)

Pre-registration – $25
Price the day of registration – $30

Call for more info: 931-864-6215

Race begins at 9:00AM!

Pre-registration form:
(Print and mail to the address on the form or drop off at Town Hall.)

photo of 5k run last year winners

Thank you to all who participated! Congratulations to all of the winners!  Everyone was a winner, especially the children and families of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital that will benefit from the proceeds.  Our apologies to Danny Staggs.  We had a small error in sorting the finish line cards and had one in the wrong group.  You did win your category.  Congratulations!

Thank you to the sponsors – Livingston Regional Hospital, Subway of Byrdstown, Bodyworks, and People’s Bank & Trust Company!  Thank you to Chairperson, Carolyn Franklin and her crew of volunteers for their hard work and dedication!  Below are the results from the last years Run/Walk!

result table